Empowering Children

I was Outreach Coordinator for an NSF-funded engineering curriculum called Through My Window from 2014-2018.  The curriculum includes two books with associated lessons and is designed to engage young people–particularly girls–in engineering.

I created lesson plans, implemented the curriculum directly with students, and worked with educators (more about that here). I learned about the power of storytelling for deep learning and the importance of illustrating how engineering affects society. I loved watching students’ views transform from thinking that engineers just build cars or work on computers to realizing that engineering is about using math and science for creativity and problem-solving in just about any domain.

Examples of Work

Work with Children

I ran programs using the Through My Window curriculum with local Girl Scouts and with summer campers at Girls Inc of Western Massachusetts.

Curriculum Activities

I co-created enrichment activities with Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh, Principal Investigator, to be used with students in grades 4-8, including:

The graphic design of these activities was done by Mary Moser.

Through My Window was created at Springfield Tech Community College and Smith College.