Empowering Children

I was Outreach Coordinator for an NSF-funded engineering curriculum called Through My Window from 2014-2018.  The curriculum includes two books with associated lessons and is designed to engage young people–particularly girls–in engineering.

I created lesson plans, implemented our curriculum directly with students, and worked with educators (more about that on the Empowering Educators page). I learned about the power of storytelling for deep learning and the importance of illustrating how engineering affects society for inspiring girls. I loved watching students’ views transform from thinking that engineers just build cars or work on computers to realizing that engineering is centrally about using math and science for creativity and problem-solving in just about any domain.

Examples of Work

Work with Children

I ran programs using the Through My Window curriculum with local Girl Scouts and with summer campers at Girls Inc of Western Massachusetts. To see a blog post I wrote about working with Girl Scouts, click here.

Curriculum Activities

I co-created enrichment activities with Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh, Principal Investigator, to be used with students in grades 4-8, including:

The graphic design of these activities was done by Mary Moser.

Through My Window was created at Springfield Tech Community College and Smith College.